Backup recording viewer for NS

Backup recording viewer for NS 1.1

It's an application that allows you to view call information and history
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Backup Recording Viewer for NS is a standalone Windows application that provides the following features:
Main Features:
- Compatible with Panasonic NS1000 version 3 and up
- Support for NS1000 backup data
- Windows based client application compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8
- Import the backup files when the user starts the application
- Audio files are presented along with the time of day, extension, caller ID, caller Name.
- Up to 16 different backup locations can be set in the application in order to support up to 16 NS1000 in the same time
- Time synchronization and time zones set per each backup folder, in case the NS1000 PBXs are spread geographically on different time zones
- Audio files are stored as G711 Alaw / Ulaw wave files, depending on the NS1000 setting
- No CTI License required in NS1000
- No 24x7 Server required

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